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Paula Duggan Balance Nutrition Blog

Welcome to my blog, here you will find some of my recipes, my best weight loss tips and nutrition tips. I have 3 children, smallies – just about coming out of the toddler stage – thank god!! Thus, I have a big interest and passion for feeding kids & inspiring little foodies as best you can. Now believe me, I am not a chef most of my tips and recipes can be implemented into any household. I don’t buy particularly expensive ingredients, it is mostly regular food, good food, basically stuff you will find in your cupboards, I promise! 

The real me! (blog)

So, what do I like to do with my time … I like to go for walks either on my own for a bit head space or with a friend for a chat. Honestly, I would love if I managed to fit in 2 exercise classes a week, most weeks I don’t. I do try to use my weights at home to do a little bit every day.

Eating out is something I love to do, it’s almost a hobby!! Brunch is probably my favourite meal out, I just find that kind of food really tasty. I like to cook but again honestly since I had kids it does feel a little bit more like a chore, so I am big into batch cooking, freezing, making quick, easy & tasty suppers. This is one of the big things I focus on with clients.

I love a night out with the girls, having kids certainly didn’t end my desire for a bit of craic and I do love any opportunity to dress up!! And I fit in an occasional date night with himself.

I absolutely love travelling, holidays and weekends away, even if its just to go stay with a friend or in my sisters house in West Cork. Before kids travelling was my favourite thing to do, ours holidays have changed significantly, this was an adjustment, but the penny finally dropped .. it ain’t much of a holiday if they aren’t happy. One day (in 15 years times) we will be back in Argentina hopefully!! …

The kids blog

With the kids – I love to spend as much time as possible over the summer  (and the winter) on the beach.  We like to hang out with friends (we are kinda lucky that their friends are my friends, well their friends’ moms are my friends!!). My kids are obsessed with food, they love picnics, baking (a little too much!!), they help me with dinner, which was a bit of a nightmare but now at last is beginning to be a little helpful – who knew!!

So, that’s me, I hope you enjoy my blog and please if you have any questions – just ask …