Secondary School - Nutrition Talks/Workshops

  • In a secondary school I deliver a presentation or a workshop to the students (depending on the needs of each school). Following a discussion with the school I tailor talks as required. 

     The following is an example of topics I cover –

  • Nutrition & well-being
  • How much sugar is in foods & drinks –
  • Real food vs. processed food
  • Sports nutrition
  • Movement & energy balance
  • Dangers of dieting
  • Dieting fads e.g. Carb-free, dairy free
  • Importance of Calcium in adolescence
  • Kids already have a lot of information on nutrition, they are actually bombarded with too much information from social media. However, they need help deciphering the goof info from the bad info.

Primary School Healthy Eating Workshops

  • I do interactive workshops in primary schools which are tailored to specific age groups and include some fun games. Furthermore, I bring along lots of examples of healthy foods, healthy school lunch ideas, even healthy breakfast ideas
  • My primary focus is on sugar as this is the main cause of obesity today. I show kids visually how many spoons of sugar are in various foods & drinks. I have an experiment I love to do with primary children to show them just how sugary fizzy drinks are!! While added sugar or free sugars should be reduced in most diets its also important that kids understand its ok to have the odd treat and not to be scared of sugar, everything in moderation. I share some of my recipes for healthy treats with the school. 
  • I also focus on making the healthier choice – there will always be a choice to make when it comes to food and it is about making the healthiest choice most of the time and allowing ourselves to enjoy treats some of the time. Even within treats, there are healthier choices which can be made. I would have lots of visual examples to illustrate these choices.
  •  My own approach to food and nutrition is very positive and balanced, I am very passionate about all aspects of food especially the cooking and eating of! I have 3 small children myself so I do know how to put the theory into practice and I understand how to communicate with children.
School Nutrition talks & healthy eating workshops in both primary & secondary schools provided by Paula Duggan Balance Nutrition, Kerry Nutritionist
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