Secondary School Nutrition Talks & Workshops

Online & In-person options available!!!

  • I offer 60-80 minute Nutrition talks & workshops to secondary schools. Although, I primarily work with TY groups, I tailor my talks to all year groups. Furthermore, I offer both online and in-person talks. If you choose the online option, I can accommodate your school’s preferred online platform. In addition, I offer schools a choice of talks.

Choices of Talks

Some topics covered

Healthy Eating Workshops for Primary School
  • I offer interactive healthy eating workshops in primary schools which are tailored to specific age groups. I also include some fun games. Furthermore, I bring along lots of examples of healthy foods, school lunch ideas and even healthy breakfast ideas.

    My primary focus is on sugar as this can be a big issue with children’s diets today. One thing I love to do is to show kids visually how many spoons of sugar are in various treats and drinks. For instance, I do a little experiment with primary school pupils to show them just how sugary fizzy drinks really are!!

    I also focus on making the healthier choice most of the time and being brave and trying new foods.

For parents
  • In addition, I have a handout for parents which includes recipes suitable for kids and tips on preparing a healthy lunch box. Lastly, I share some advice on dealing with fussy eaters!

Kerry Nutritionist Paula Duggan Balance Nutrition presents to kids in Nagle Rice Primary School in Milltown Co. Kerry
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