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  • My own approach to nutrition is simple – eat real food, most of the time! I follow a high-fibre, low-sugar, largely unprocessed diet.
  • While I am extremely passionate about nutrition, I have a very balanced and positive approach to my diet and I most definitely consider myself a foodie.
  • I eat meat, I eat dairy, I eat carbohydrates, I have never been in ketosis (nor will I ever!) & as I am not allergic, I eat gluten too.
  • There are so many extremes in the world of nutrition, eating healthy simply seems very difficult & unattractive to a lot people.
  • I help people piece it all together, I guess you could say I have a no-nonsense approach. No guilt please! I want to inspire people to have a good relationship with food and to appreciate real food. 
  • What do I actually do?? I spend most of my time coaching clients, mostly online weight loss coaching (see options below). I also love to talk!!!! Corporate nutrition, workplace wellness and healthy eating talks in schools.
  • I am not just a nutritionist; I have 3 small children therefore I am also trying to inspire them to be little foodies too – you cannot start too young.
  • As seen on the Elaine show and featured in Image magazine …
Paula Duggan Balance Nutrition Connect Kerry Women in Business Winner 2019

Weight Loss Courses

Group Weight Loss €175

A 10-week online group course guided by your very own Personal Nutritionist.
Online Course

1:1 Weight Loss €275

A 10-week online course 1:1 guided by your very own Personal Nutritionist.
Online Course

One-Off Weight Loss Coaching €100

One-off analysis & feedback on current diet & nutrition & weight loss plan

JULY KICK STARTER €49 (Usually €59)

Receive my weight loss guide & 14-day recipe book
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  • COMPETITION TIME!! I did promise a repeat of the very popular Nutrition coaching / grocery shopping trip with me, so I am running it again until 31st July. 
If you would like the opportunity to shop or just tour a supermarket  with a Nutritionist all you have to do is click on the link in my Bio and then click on the pop-up window for the competition. If you’ve already signed up to my mailing list but want to enter, direct message me to enter!

Have you ever wondered what Nutritionists buy themselves and more to the point why they make those choices, why I choose one brand over another, what do I look for in the labeling, the nutritional information, what marketing tricks to look out for, what items the home brands are just as good for! 
#competition #nutritionist #nutrition #balance #nutritionalinformation #foodlabels #foodmarketing
  • My latest blog has just gone live - 10 Weight loss tips - where do most people tend to go wrong? If you would like to read the full blog click on the link in my bio!! *

1. Lack of patience

2. Being overly-strict

3. Keeping treats in the house

4. Not seeing alcohol/liquids as calories

5. Portion sizes

6. Letting your inner voice sabotage yourself

7. Lack of planning

8. Lack of calorie awareness

9. Falling off the wagon - there is no wagon!

10. Letting the scales dishearten you

#weightlosstips #howtoloseweight #10weightlosstips #nutrition #balance #weightlossmotivation
  • Wonderful morning in Ballintaggart, here is a snapshot in pics! Thanks to John who is a pure gent for hosting, Ian Swift for an amazing brunch, it really was a gorgeous venue for an event like this. Thank you to all the lovely ladies for attending and making it what it was!! X 
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  • The day has arrived, so excited about my NUTRITION MORNING & BRUNCH this morning @ballintaggart_house, will send more pics throughout the day!! #balancenutrition #pauladuggan_balancenutrition #ballintaggarthouse #nutrition #brunch #dingle #kerry
  • Sorry to disappoint! There isn’t 1 food not to mind 7 foods to eat for a flat belly! Ignore silly headlines & posts like this! To be fair the 7 foods were all healthy and should be part of a healthy diet but no such magic exists. You need to be in calorie deficit to lose weight, you need to lose weight to get a flat belly. But also, it’s important to know that while everyone can lose weight and get a flatter belly ... a flat belly genetically may be very difficult for some people to achieve, e.g. you may lose too much weight off your face before you ever achieve a completely flat belly .... so you have to at some point accept that this is you and just embrace it.

#myths #flatbelly #weightloss #nutrition #sillymyths #sillyposts #positivebodyimage #health#healthy #healthier #healthieryou #balance #bestyou #motivation #nutritionist
  • When it comes to nutrition and diet, your focus should be inclusion not exclusion!
  • Getting excited now as there is only 1 week to go to my NUTRITION MORNING & BRUNCH in the beautiful Ballintaggart House, Dingle .... it promises to be a morning packed with my no-nonsense approach, practical tips and fun! Tickets available through Eventbrite link above in my Bio.

We will have healthy nibbles and coffee on arrival, followed by a delicious brunch prepared by Ballintaggart chef, Ian Swift, can’t wait for that myself!

Here is some of what I will be talking about! *What’s the deal with carbs
*Whats the one thing every successful diet has in common?
*The truth about dairy
*Is there a secret to weight loss?
*How to take the stress out of the kitchen mid-week
*Are we duped by the word “Natural”, is it sometimes just marketing!

And lots lots more!
  • Twister - 75 calories, can’t go wrong with that! Or if you want to go all out a Solero is 98 calories 🤣
  • Food is king! Just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean high dose supplementation is also good for you!

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  • Not a bad spot for lunch! Shared the most amazing homemade apple pie and cream between five of us, I know I’m a generous with my pie 🤣

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