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  • I’m Paula Duggan and I am a Nutritionist based in Kerry. I specialize in nutrition and weight loss coaching. I also offer workplace wellness and nutrition & sports nutrition talks in schools. Although, I am based in Dingle, I work with clients predominantly online and in addition I travel all over Ireland for corporate work & school talks.
  • While I am extremely passionate about nutrition, I have a very balanced and relaxed approach to my diet as well as my coaching. I enjoy cooking and I enjoy my food as does every Nutritionist I know. In other words, you don’t have to eat a boring diet to be a Nutritionist or a healthy eater. So, I definitely consider myself a foodie!
  • There are so many extremes in the world of nutrition, honestly I find a lot of it very negative. I really try to encourage inclusion as opposed to exclusion, it’s a much more positive approach. So, yes to clarify, I eat meat, dairy, carbohydrates, even bread!
  • My nutrition & weight loss programs help women piece it all together. My programs are easy to follow. I offer clients lots of support & encouragement, practical tips & ideas and lots of simple & tasty recipes. Lastly, you will also get a good dose of my personality & sense of humour! In other words, I am not a boring Nutritionist!

Feel great, more energetic & in control!

Thanks Paula, you delivered a really engaging, and informative teaching session to the GP trainees which has really helped them address practical dietary issues and reminded them that the right food is the best medicine!

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Having reached my heaviest weight, l accepted it was time to take control. Paula was the third nutritionist I spoke with and instantly I knew her method would work for me. The timing and the person were right for me. I started with Paula in July, by Christmas l had lost 1.5 stone. I discovered smarter ways to eat more food with better nutritional value. She helped me tweak the foods we were eating as a family so dinners worked for us as a family. She helped me be more aware of what I was eating and was always on hand to answer my questions and offer guidance. Her daily WhatsApp notes kept me on track and motivated. Overall her course is practical, full of great advice, enjoyable and so doable. Paula will introduce you to positive behaviours which lead to better choices. A lot of the information you probably already know but she puts it all into perspective to create better habits.



Weight Loss Consultation / Coaching Session €100

* One-off Consultation * Coaching & Motivational 1:1 session * 1-1.5hr Online Appointment


Group Weight Loss Program for WOMEN €200

* 10-week Online Group program * Daily tips, Recipes & Motivation * Weekly 1:1 Accountability


1:1 Weight Loss Program €350

* 10-week Private Online program * Lots of Support * 1:1 Coaching * Daily tips, Recipes & Motivation * Weekly Accountability


NEW! 1:1 Weight Loss Program & 5 Bi-weekly calls €500

* 10-week Private Online program + 5 Bi-weekly Zoom calls * Lots of Support * 1:1 Coaching * Daily tips, Recipes & Motivation * Weekly Accountability

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