1:1 Private Online Weight Loss Program – €275

    • For just €27.50/week you get a private 10-week weight loss program guided by your very own Personal Nutritionist.


WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT from this weight loss program? 

I am in contact with you almost every day (Mon-Fri) and more importantly you also have access to me daily. The concept is to chip away at you slowly and as a result change your mindset and attitude towards food and dieting for good!

Creating a new happier and lighter you!

  • Easy program to implement
  • Support & encouragement
  • Non-judgmental advice & feedback
  • Practical tips & ideas
  • Help is always there as I address you challenges as they arise
  • Easily digestible information
  • Tasty & easy recipes
  • Practical cooking & shopping tips
  • Inspiration – regular photos of my own snacks and meals
  • Flexibility – no rigid meal plans 


Benefits of an online weight loss program

  • Convenience – digest information & advice when it suits you. Contact me & respond to me at your convenience
  • Privacy – you won’t have to walk into a room full of people for a weekly weigh-in
  • Flexibility – you are not tied to weekly meetings
  • Effective – I chip away at you slowly over 10 weeks, hence you learn and digest information at a reasonable pace – you are not bombarded with a lot of advice all at once.
  • Value – furthermore, you will have all the tips to hand even when the course is completed hence you can read back over at any time.

“Paula, I’ve found the whole process so empowering, I feel in control at last”

“I am so happy with this program, thanks so much for all your help,. I really appreciate being able to lean on you when I feel I am going a little of track”

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