• Weight loss is tricky – it is important you know you are getting the correct information from an expert.  You will need lots of support, encouragement and helpful feedback & advice. As a result  you will have the tools to change your habits & your behaviours for good!


  • Weight loss motivation coaching is an one-off session. This is a face to face consultation via zoom. Yes, it’s online but you get to see my face for most of 1.5 hours!

  • I will provide you with a weight loss plan which is essentially a healthy diet, with lots of tips. To start you will complete a food diary & nutritional questionnaire. Your diet & dietary behaviours will be assessed & therefore any potential nutritional deficits highlighted. I will educate you on weight loss and provide you with an entire booklet of weight loss tips. 
  • Follow up – you are more than welcome to get in touch with me again over the next few weeks if you have any queries. 10-week online options also available – Group or Private programs.

One-Off Weight Loss Coaching

1.5hr Appointment



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“I have the odd little thing now but I am much more conscious about the rest of the day then. I've really cut out a lot of the bad stuff and to be honest I don't miss it a bit. I have a tiny piece from someone else's plate on occasion but I am finding it so much easier to pass on it"



  • Kicks off with a 1-1.5hr appointment (nutritional & weight loss coaching session), followed by the 1:1 Online 10-weeks weight loss program
  • This new combo program is by inspired by two things. Firstly, my 1:1 online 10-week weight loss program is fast becoming my most popular option so I definitely wanted to incorporate it, in this new package. Secondly, while client feedback has taught me that online programs is definitely how the vast majority of people now want to access nutrition & weight loss help, some people also like to meet me face to face, even if that’s via zoom!

Consultation & 1:1 Weight Loss Program

1.5hr Appointment Online


10-weeks Online


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What to expect from my Weight Loss Program

Easy to follow

Support & Encouragement - lots of it!

Practical advice & tips

Simple & Tasty Recipes - endless supply!

Helpful Advice & Feedback

Accountability through weekly weigh-ins.

My personality & Sense of Humour

Weight Loss Consultation / Coaching Session €100

* One-off Consultation * Coaching & Motivational 1:1 session * 1-1.5hr Online Appointment


Group Weight Loss Program for WOMEN €199

* 10-week Online Group program * Daily tips, Recipes & Motivation * Weekly 1:1 Accountability


1:1 Weight Loss Program €299

* 10-week Private Online program * Lots of Support * 1:1 Coaching * Daily tips, Recipes & Motivation * Weekly Accountability


NEW! 1:1 Weight Loss Program & Consultation €399

* 10-week Private Online program 1-1.5hr Appointment * Lots of Support * 1:1 Coaching * Daily tips, Recipes & Motivation * Weekly Accountability