Group Online Weight Loss Program

Starts 4th March 2020. 10-week program


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Group Online Weight Loss Program – €179

  • Group weight loss programs are the most popular option as they are fantastic value
  • For just €17.90/week you will get a 10-week online weight loss program guided by a Nutritionist
  • Confidentiality & privacy is at the core of the group
  • You do not share your weight, target or any personal info with the group. The group is mostly a forum for me to share info with you but also a way for you to ask generic questions about nutrition, calories, food labels etc.
  • Everything personal, your progress etc. is discussed privately between you and me


WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT from this weight loss program? 

The concept is to chip away at you slowly and as a result change your mindset and attitude towards food and dieting for good!

Creating a new happier and lighter you!!

Easy Program to Implement

Support & Encouragement - I'm at the end of a phone

Non-Judgmental Advice & Feedback

Daily Practical Tips & Ideas

Tasty & Easy Recipes

Cooking & Shopping Tips

Inspiration - regular pics of my meals

Flexibility - no rigid meal plans



Digest information & advice when it suits you. Also, you contact & respond to me at your convenience


No public meetings to attend


Not tied to weekly meetings

Great value

Online nutrition is very economical, furthermore, you will have all the tips to hand even when the program is completed hence you can read back over at any time.

How to lose weight with Paula Duggan Balance Nutrition Online Weight loss Program

“Paula, your info is digestible and easy to apply. I am so happy with the last 10 weeks … not just the weight loss but my whole attitude to food has changed … its definitely life changing, thank you! 

Group Online Weight Loss Program

Starts 4th March 2020. 10-week program


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