Why most diets fail - Paula Duggan Balance Nutrition gives her view in her weight loss blog
Me meditating – yeah!! That was my reaction when my lovely photographer suggested I do a meditation pose, ah everyone who knows me, knows I don’t mediate – wish I could though!!!!

So, do you want to know why most diets fail? 

Well, the thing is most of us set unrealistic rules for ourselves and therefore set ourselves up for failure before we even start. Be honest, you can probably say yes to some or maybe even all of the following!!

1) I’m never again eating!  As a Nutritionist I can tell you, that one definitely won’t work for you and yet  …..  we’ve probably all said it!
2) I’m giving up bread & potatoes for good this time
3) I’m going to go to the gym 7 times a week
4) I’m giving up all sugar including all natural sugars, yes even fruit!
5) I’m going gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, meat free and any other free I can think of before Monday morning.

So, do diets need rules??? 

Well yes, I think it’s good to make rules but make sensible, realistic ones!!!!
In fact, I don’t like using the words diets & rules as I think they are negative words.
Therefore, lets opt for healthy eating program and goals!! 

Let’s look at some of these more realistic ones ….

1) I’m going to eat more salads and less sandwiches
2) I’m going to exercise as many days as possible even if it’s only for 30 mins
3) I’m not going to order desserts anymore but I’ll have a bite of someone else’s
4) I’m not ordering chips anymore but I’ll rob a chip if I really want one
5) I’m going to limit anything with added sugar but hey, limiting doesn’t mean none!!

Don’t set yourself up for failure by making unrealistic rules like ‘I’m never again going to eat a potato or bread’, because of course you will eat bread again and then you will feel like you have broken your rules, failed and spiral out of control!!! 

This is an example of what I send to my weight loss clients on a daily basis ……
hopefully it will give you some food for thought (no pun intended!)
Paula, x
P.s. If you like the sound of my approach, check out my weight loss programs (not diets!!)
Make sure you go to reliable sources for weight management info i.e. HSE

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