Pink grapefruit bircher muesli

My recipe for Pink grapefruit bircher muesli 

Call it Bircher muesli, overnight oats or simply soaked oats.  Whatever the name it is super quick & easy to make. It can be made the night before saving time in the morning however it can also be prepared on the morning as it really only needs about 30 minutes soaking time. It can conveniently be brought to work in tuber ware if appetite is an issue for you early morning. Most importantly, it is a nutritious and tasty breakfast, containing all the food groups:

Wholegrains – tick

Protein – tick

Dairy – tick

Fruit – tick

Healthy fats – tick

I like to think of nutrition in terms of layering, porridge made with water just doesn’t cut it. Yes, its low in calories, but where is the protein, calcium, fruit, seeds? Nutrition is about inclusion probably even more than it is about exclusion.

Bircher muesli Ingredients 

100g oats (porridge)
1 pink grapefruit – Juice & fruit
3 tbsps desiccated coconut
3 tsps chia seeds
250ml natural yogurt (live)

Bircher muesli Method

Mix everything well in a bowl
Cover with clingfilm
Leave overnight or for an hour if making in the morning
When serving, add some water of milk to reach desired consistency (this is particularly required if soaking overnight)
Sprinkle a little coconut seed & chia seeds on top and enjoy!

My Tips:

*Anything that encourages a healthy start to the day is a good idea!

*Planning your breakfast in advance is a great habit, even if you are running late you will have time for this breakfast or alternatively bring it with you for breakfast or a morning snack at work.

*Seeds are actually even better if soaked for awhile beforehand, the nutrients are more accessible by the body 

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pink grapefruit bircher muesli

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